The Village is a safe, secure environment providing 24/7 awake, licensed support staff. The focus upon arrival for a resident is crisis management which incorporates group and individual therapies, identity restoration, full medical evaluations, law enforcement and legal assistance. The Village provides individual accommodations for multiple residents. It is equipped with a commercial kitchen, library, educational area, multiple living spaces, laundry facilities, and an integrated security system.

THE CHAPEL at the Village
The heart of the village is a peaceful sanctuary where survivors can worship individually or as a group to discover value and self-worth on their journey of finding hope, healing and wellness.

THE GARDENS at the Village
A relaxing place where the residents at the village are able to learn the skills of planting, harvesting and food preparation to be used in their daily meals.

CENTRAL PARK at the Village
Beautifully landscaped outdoor area designed to encourage community interaction during recreation times or even used for self-reflection during quiet meditation.

BARN at the Village
Multi-purpose building that allows the residents to participate in a variety of programs that incorporate counseling, educational classes, dance classes, fine arts, fitness, health and wellness programs.

Victims of sex trafficking escape from a lifestyle that does not allow them to leave with any possessions, only fleeing with the clothes they are wearing. Residents at the Village have their own bedroom and bathroom facilities. Rooms are furnished with a full size bed and bedding, window coverings, workstation, seating area, bedside tables, lamps and other daily life necessities.



501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization (Established May 8, 2017) Reflection Ministries, Inc. Shall conduct any and all activities deemed necessary and proper by the Board of Directors consistent with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Texas. Said activities shall include, but not be limited to:
(a) The provision of immediate and long-term freedom for adult victims of sex trafficking, or of any form of commercial sexual exploitation, through protective housing, health services, counseling, identity recovery, education and job skills assessment and the development of life skills necessary for reintegration into a non-victim community; and
(b) The increase of public awareness of the danger signs and prevention of sexual exploitation and trafficking through the development of age appropriate educational curricula and programs for children in elementary and secondary schools as well as for educators, youth workers, counselors, and pastors.